Tray Making

A studio never has enough space, be it shelves or cupboards to store our supplies.  A lot of items only need a shallow space to live in, when stored in tubs they might get buried under a host of other items.

I saw these shallow shelves at a friends house and thought I could do that.  So I set out to make my existing cubicles more accessible for shelves.  I made 2 extra sidewalls of 1/2″ thick plywood.  I used the table saw to cut the grooves into the plywood by lowering the blade so it would only cut 1/4″ deep.  The grooves are about 3/8″ high to accommodate the 1/4″ thick mdf shelves I had bought for this purpose.

But we need to contain the items so they won’t fall of the shelves.  I made the trays from foam core board, using strong adhesive painters tape to adhere the walls to the bottom.  It is surprisingly strong.

But I had a bit of trouble getting the trays out of the shelves so I added a drawer knob.  By making a hole at the front of the tray, I could thread a piece of wire through to the outside to attach the button.  I than wrapped the wire around a pop-sickle stick on the inside of the tray to keep the button in place.

Below you can see the shelves being put to use, this is only one of my 3 work stations, but the only one with the shelving unit.



One of the trays is decorated with wall paper, but the wall paper had a hard time to stay glued down so I won’t be doing more of that.  Although it does looks nice.


A video of the process of making these trays can be seen here.

Thank you for watching, Geesje.