Garden themed Travellers Notebook

Last week I was in the mood to make a TN, a Travellers Notebook,  basically an empty cover which has a few elastics running through the spine area where a person can add notebooks or journals.  Most of the time these have specific measurements, so the notebooks always fit a certain cover size.  I”m not sure I made mine to a specific size, I used what I had and made the cover to fit the notebooks I made.  I did manage to make a pocket for a pen or pencil one wants to use to write or draw with.

My fabric and papers were mostly garden related so I called it a Garden Themed Journal.


2019-05-12 garden themed TN (16)
a view of the pen pocket






I Posted a three part video set on You Tube where I show the making of this journal.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Thank you for watching!! Geesje