Transforming a book

I was reading this book, The Former Things by Thomas Pierre Verduyn.  It is a thick and heavy hardcover book, but I really like the contend and I would like to carry this along on road trips. Being interested in journal and book making I thought I could easily make this book into four smaller books.

First I cut the paper block loose from the cover, and then selected areas between two chapters to cut the book into fourths.  Each new book has it’s own thickness depending on where I had cut between chapters.

I decided on a card stock core which I covered on both sides with fabric.  I had taken pictures of the three sides of the cover of the book, editing it a bit so it would fit it’s new book and printed four copies.  I sewed each section to it’s new cover, and sewed around the book to secure the fabric to the core of the cover.

Now I can put the paper block back in the new cover.  I cut two end papers to size, glued a thin portion to the front page and fasten the end page to it.  The other half of the end paper will be glued tot the inside of the cover.  This I repeated for the back page.   I now have four smaller books instead of one big one, and I’m pleased how it turned out.

You can see a video of the process below.

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Envelope Lap Book

After seeing enough videos of crafters making a lap book, I tried it myself.  I used a variety of sizes of envelopes to make this lap book.  The thing is though, I made it too small, too tight, I probably can’t fit anything in it!!


I made a video where I do a flip through of this journal/lap book

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An altered book for greeting cards

Hello everyone.

I usually save the greeting cards we receive for special occasions.
But how to store them, almost always they end up in a box at the bottom of a closet.
I made a video where I show you how I re-purpose a book to accommodate the cards we had received on our 35th wedding anniversary.  Inspired by Liz thepaperproject on You Tube.

The video can be seen here.

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Garden themed Travellers Notebook

Last week I was in the mood to make a TN, a Travellers Notebook,  basically an empty cover which has a few elastics running through the spine area where a person can add notebooks or journals.  Most of the time these have specific measurements, so the notebooks always fit a certain cover size.  I”m not sure I made mine to a specific size, I used what I had and made the cover to fit the notebooks I made.  I did manage to make a pocket for a pen or pencil one wants to use to write or draw with.

My fabric and papers were mostly garden related so I called it a Garden Themed Journal.


2019-05-12 garden themed TN (16)
a view of the pen pocket






I Posted a three part video set on You Tube where I show the making of this journal.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

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Post-It Booklets

I just finished making these cute little post-it booklets.  I saw Nik the Booksmith do a video on it and I thought they make nice gifts.  I made the booklet first so I could modify the cover to fit the size of the booklet.  For the cover I used a cardboard package of instant coffee.  I then sewed strips of fabric to the outside, capturing 2 magnets I had intended as closure.  The magnets didn’t completely hold the booklet together, so I also fastened a hair elastic to the cover.  I then added the inside fabric by gluing it to the cardboard and then sewing around the outside perimeter.  I sewed a pocket to the backside where the booklet could slide in.  It is a nice size,  when the booklet is spent, you can insert the Memo spiral bound booklets.


Here is a video where you can see how I made these little booklets.

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Journalling Booklet

My latest little project was made for a friend of mine, it was kind of last minute, but after I saw Debra’s tutorial video on you tube, I thought it just the thing to make.

Here are some pictures of the little journalling booklet.  It closes with two magnets and has several pockets!
A show and tell of my booklet can be seen on You Tube:

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Hi everyone, I also posted a video on YouTube, showing a travellers notebook where the cover is made from upholstery fabric that I recently got from a friend of mine.

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